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My Story | Radhadesh Mellows

My Story



Story by one of the UK SOC attendees: http://psena.com/…esh-mellows/


Kripamoya Prabhu

„A wonderful gathering of Vaishnavas from all over Europe who, being dedicated to chanting the holy name, experienced the result: greater faith, conviction and a sense of togetherness with Srila Prabhupad's growing family“

Nitai Kirtan das, a Birmingham devotee

„It fully re-charged my spiritual batteries…AWESOME!“

HH Kadamba Kanana Swami

„The same kirtana Lord Caitanya performed in Mayapur in the house of Srivasa is now everywhere, all over the world, by the mercy of A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupad“

The Leicester / Coventry devotees

„Spiritually energizing. Bliss, ecstasy & nectar“

Amala Harinam

„Radhadesh Mellows has been a phenomenal experience. For me, it is the perfect blend of kirtan styles and moods. Alongside so many like minded and sincere souls, sadhus and friends, it is the perfect way to start off the year and my spiritual practice with intention! Participating in this festival fulfils my soul“


„Words can not describe Radhadesh Mellows you just need to come next year to experience it for yourself“

Madhava Prabhu

„Leaving Radhadesh with a full and happy heart. This weekend has been intense and fruitful. Kirtans were sweet, mellow and enlivening. Thanks to all the devotees who have worked hard to make this happen and to all those who taken part in this amazing festival. KIRTAN FOREVER......“

Dhananjaya Prabhu

" What always impresses me about Radhadesh Mellows is the sincerity of all the musicians & the listeners. And the amazing talent of all the kirtaniyas!!!!! I come away completely saturated by the Holy Name!!! I love all the ways the Holy Name can be sung & I feel more indebted to Srila Prabhupada who, if it was not for him, none of us would even have heard of the Hare Krishna Maha Mantra. Thank you Srila Prabhupada for bringing the Holy Name to the Western world"

H.H. Sacinandana Swami

„For the lovers of the Holy Names“, „The ecstatic kirtans during the Radhadesh Mellows give everyone a unique opportunity to enter the Temple of the Heart and meet the Lord herein. The joy and inspiration the devotees always feel shows in their gleaming eyes and broad smiles: They feel the presence of the Lord through His most merciful manifestation – The Holy Names!“, „Let us thank Manu and his team for organizing such an ecstatic festival and let us not forget to support them in all ways. Let us also take the chanting home with us into our daily lives and become inspiring servants of the Holy Name. A servant of the Holy Name always, Sacinandana Swami“


Gaura Mani's story

Gaura ManiI would like to share with you and all of the devotees my story of inspiration after attending Radhadesh Mellows.

Residing in Sri Vrindavan Dham where the holy names of the Lord resound at all times of the day and night, there is no scarcity of Kirtan here. Kirtan is an intrinsic part of my being, chanting from a very early age. However, when I heard of the Radhadesh Mellows taking place I jumped to the opportunity as to how I can be a part of this priceless event. Just then I realized that it was too late for me to hop on a plane from India to Belgium. But the good news was that I could be a complete part and relish every drop of nectar Kirtan right from my very own bedroom, across the world, through the live broadcast on Mayapur TV. And that is exactly what I did. For me that meant tuning in, in the afternoon and staying glued to my laptop screen all the way till 3am! I felt like I was transferred directly to the spiritual realm! Every mantra sang penetrated deep into my heart and left me in a trance for hours and days after. I have never felt such a high as I did after attending Radhadesh Mellows. It was the height of my spiritual journey! I feel rejuvenated, deeply inspired and empowered. As I continue to perform Kirtan around the world, I pray that the transcendental sound vibration of the Holy Names will pour from my heart and I may continue to dive into the ocean of ecstatic bliss of Sri Nam. I pray to be a part of many many more Radhadesh Mellows and enthusiastically call upon all of you to not miss this rare event!

Jay Sri Radhe! Gaura Mani


Jahnavi Harrison’s story

Jahnavi I’ve travelled a great deal lately, and have been fortunate to attend many kirtan festivals. Any performance of kirtan is special and commendable, not least because depending on the leader, the location, the chosen tune and so on, the mood and experience will be different. This variation is one of the glorious things about kirtan – it is never dull or boring – even after hours of chanting, the experience is ever fresh. I realized this in a deep way during the Radhadesh Mellows weekend, where monks, children, grandmothers, musicians, yogis and teenagers – all of different nationalities and backgrounds, joined together in joyous song. Even stripped of any religious sentiment, this kind of unity is remarkable. Accompanied by the devotion of the participants, the result is electric.

This festival is special also for being organized largely by young people like myself who have grown up with kirtan. Having realized its power over the years, they now come together to put on the most wonderful celebration. I highly recommend everyone to begin 2011 with an experience you will never forget. I wouldn’t miss it for anything – hope to see you there too!

Jahnavi Harrison

Nadiya Mani’s story:

Nadiya Mani For the past two years I have given myself the most refreshing, positive start to the year. I have spent two wonderful weekends in the beautiful Radhadesh temple with the most unique group of souls who have all come together for one purpose; to sing, chant, dance and meditate on the holy name.

Whether for the same or different reasons, we all come together to join in with the festival and the individuality that everyone brings is what makes this festival so special. Leading kirtan or simply being present, everyone’s par­ticipation adds to the ambiance and there is not a single person who leaves without feeling that they have been part of creating something very special.

I would not consider beginning my year in any other way. I feel peaceful, refreshed and enlivened, ready to take on the new challenges of the year ahead.

Nadiya Mani

For all previous participants that desire to post their very own story on the website, we kindly request you to send it to radhadesh.mellows@radhadesh.com and we will take to it as quick as possible.