Bhaktivedanta College is nestled in the serene community of Radhadesh where Radhadesh Mellows is held each year. Bhaktivedanta College offers a diverse blend of on-site and online courses in bhakti yoga, kirtan, vedanta and Vaisnava studies. For information about all of the programs available through the College, please visit

The featured on-site courses below offer students in-depth study in kirtan technique and japa meditation. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Yoga Teacher Training Course

Dates: June 3 – June 29, 2019

Teachers: Janne Kontala (yoga teacher), Jan Simak (yoga teacher), Emma Paukku (yoga teacher)

We believe that yoga is much more than purely postural exercise. To sufficiently grasp the theoretical part – yoga philosophy, we fortified our 200h TTC with the 5-week online Introduction to Yoga philosophy module. Studying the Yoga Sutra and the Bhagavad Gita brings students in touch with sacred knowledge of the sages and unlocks a deeper inner wisdom.

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Kirtan Course

Dates: July 3 – August 25, 2019

Residential tutors: Krisahngi Lila (vocals and harmonium), Surabhi Kunja dd (kartalas), Madhva (mridanga)

Visiting tutors (one week): Jahnavi Harrison, Kadamba Kanana Swami, Sacinandana Swami, Bhakti Ghamya and Bhuta Bhavana, Mahendra

Over a period of eight weeks, this course will uncover the basics of kirtan practice through the facilitation of experienced kirtaniyas, chanters, and teachers such as Sacinandana Swami, Jahnavi Harrison and others. The course covers historical, theoretical and practical aspects of kirtan, which includes an in-depth beginners study in singing, harmonium, kartalas and mridanga playing.


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Holy Name Retreat

Dates: June 26 – June 30, 2019

Tutor: Sacinandana Swami

What can you expect from the Holy Name Retreat:

  • Strengthening your inner connection to the Divine Couple.
  • Gaining new insights and techniques in relation to chanting the Holy Name.
  • Developing a stronger commitment to offense-less chanting of the Holy Name.
  • Experiencing breakthroughs in chanting the Holy Name.
  • Learning how to expand the boundaries of your spiritual life so that you can have a deeper and more rewarding spiritual realisation.

In short, increasing your Krishna Consciousness.


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