If you experience any problems with your order, you are not receiving confirmation emails, downloading doesn’t work or something else weird is happening do not fret! We are here to help with your purchases! Below you can find the most common questions/issues and proposed solutions!

Still struggling or are you digital newbie? Contact us and we will help out personally!

Needs support? Please create a shop account

Creating an account is optional at checkout. You can make any purchase as a guest. But if you need our support we will ask you to register a shop account. In that way we can serve you better. For example, if you have difficulty downloading files or you didn’t receive our order confirmation emails then we can add your guest order to your shop account. In that way you can review your order(s) and download your digital albums. Click the link below to create an account.

Create an account

Once you have created a shop account you can check your details, your orders and the download section for previously purchased digital albums.

Did not receive your order confirmation emails?

Did you make a purchase and payed for it but didn’t receive a confirmation email? Here are a few tips to get you sorted.

Did you check your spam box?

Our mail might get flagged as spam. Make sure to double check your spam box. Your email provider (gmail, outlook, hotmail, yahoo, ymail, etc) might also block our mail. Please contact your email provider when email(s) gets blocked.

Corporate mail addresses?

Work related e-mail addresses usually are filtered by strong spam filter. So we suggest you use a private email address instead of your work related email! We cannot offer support if you cannot receive emails (see also info about a shop account above).

Using gmail or hotmail?

When you did not change your inbox setup gmail divides your mail box into different tabs. The order mail might end up in the “Promotions” tab, see below:

Please check each tabs for the order confirmation mail. If you don’t like the tabs you can turn them off. (highly recommended!!). Also hotmail (Outlook) comes equipped with these tabs. Please check your inbox carefully!

Downloading my digital albums is not working!

Here are a few things to note!

  1. All our downloads are zip archive files
  2. They can be quite big (upto 1.2 GB)
  3. Your mobile/tablet might not support downloading (zip) files
  4. Our download capacity is limited.

1. Zip archives

Each album contains at least 3 CD’s of mp3 recordings with 10-15 tracks. To be able to easily download all the tracks we have packed them into a zip archive. To unzip (decompress) the zip file you need a program. This will only work on a desktop/laptop or tablet with an unzip App (Android only!). Here are suggestions for an unzip app:

Windows: 7zip
MacOS (iMac, Macbook) has built-in support for unzip. After downloading a zip click on it and MacOS will unzip it immediately.

2. Size of zip

Each zip archive (usually 1 album per archive) varies in size from 600MB to 1.2GB.

3. Most phones/tablets will not be able to download zip archives

Downloading zip archives is tricky on most mobile devices. Even when it will download a zip archive, and stored on your phone/tablet, you still will not be able to play it. Android devices do support unzipping an archive, but we have never tried that and do not support it.

We recommend you downloading the zip archives on your computer/laptop, unzip the archives and then transfer the files with iTunes, Spotify, Google Music or any other app that support mp3’s.

4. Download capacity

Our server capacity and downloads are limited by our cloud company. If you are trying to download more then 2 files simultaneously then your download could be interrupted or stopped completely (Network time out, etc). If this happens please download 1 file at a time. If you are still getting errors, please try again at a later time. If you can still not download your files please contact us and we will supply you with alternative download links.

When is my parcel arriving?

Depending on your location, and the shipping method, shipping times really vary. Therefore we cannot give you an estimate when your parcel will arrive. But we will always try to sent parcels with tracking so at least you can see when your parcel is in transit.

For letter box mail parcels or any other small parcels we do not have tracking available. Shipping times are defined by Royal Belgium mail and your local postal services.