Radhadesh Mellows 2009


Digital album (mp3 128kbps)

The birth of a legend! The 2009 Holy name weekend appeared in Radhadesh and got transformed over the years into the Rdesh Mellows.

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In January 2009 we celebrated the first kirtan festival which was then called the Holy Name Weekend and was celebrated over 2 days time with 12 hours of kirtan each day. Only from 2010 onwards was the festival officially dubbed Radhadesh Mellows.

The kirtans were mainly lead by Sivaram Swami, Kadamba Kanana Swami, & Madhava. The crowd was very small with under a 100 attending. Someone had to good idea to place a recorder in the room and from there we were able to collect these 7 tracks.

Sample Track

Track List

  1. Sivaram Swami
  2. Kadamba Kanana Swami
  3. Madhava
  4. Nadia Behari 1
  5. Nadia Behari 2
  6. Sivaram Swami 2
  7. Sivaram Swami & Nadiya Mani