Radhadesh Mellows 2010


Digital album (mp3, 128kbps)

From the early stages of the Holy Name weekend in 2009 it slowly grew into the young inkling that would be the Radhadesh Mellows. Emerge yourself….

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This is a digital album (mp3). After purchasing you will receive a link to download the whole album.

In January 2010 we recorded for the first time through the direct channels of the mixing table the kirtans that were taking place in the Hall. Keep in mind that although those recordings are not officially mixed (and worked upon after that) and are therefore still in their raw stage, they remain awesome early day kirtan recordings.
For the second day you can additionally have a second version for most of the tracks which was recorded from a pro device which allowed for better room ambience on the recordings. You can choose which sound you prefer in this way.

Track Sample

Track List

RM10 Day 1

  1. Invocation by Haripriya
  2. Yadunanda Swami
  3. Radhika
  4. Madhava
  5. Tulasi
  6. Krishna Das
  7. Nadiya Mani
  8. Gopinatha
  9. Surabhi Kunj (Santusha)
  10. Madhva
  11. Hari Priya
  12. Madhava Introduction
  13. Madhava
  14. Krsangi Lila
  15. Gadadhara
  16. Jahnavi
  17. Madhva
  18. Jaggi Suta

RM10 Day 2

  1. Madhava Introduction
  2. Madhava
  3. Nadiya Manu
  4. Saranagati
  5. Sita Thakurani
  6. Hari Priya
  7. Krishna Das
  8. Jahnavi
  9. Manu
  10. Jaggi Suta
  11. Surabhi Kunj (Santusha)
  12. Ramacandra Kaviraj
  13. Tulasi
  14. Madhva
  15. Radhika
  16. Nadia Behari
  17. Madhava
  18. Madhava

Album Credits

Recorded by: Krishna Das Bosch
Artwork: Yadurani & Gopinatha


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