Radhadesh Mellows 2011


The mellows of 2011 was the highlight of the year. And you can relive these moments yourself, at home, while working or while dancing away in your living room. Grab the mood and be inspired!

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The Radhadesh Mellows 2011 Album was the first ever professionally recorded and mixed kirtan Album of the festival. Its quality kirtan recordings spread like wildfire and it is what instigated the popular growth of the festival and its recordings to what it has become today.

Sample Track

Track List

  1. Chakrini – Hey Gopinatha
  2. Sacinandana Swami
  3. Madhava
  4. Nadiya Mani
  5. Krishna Das Schleusener
  6. Birmingham Devotees 1
  7. Birmingham Devotees 2
  8. Amala Harinama Saturday
  9. H.G. Dhananjaya Prabhu
  10. Krishna Das Bosch
  11. Nimai UK
  12. Chakrini Saturday
  13. Sacinandana Swami 2
  14. Madhava 2
  15. Amala Harinama Sunday
  16. Madhava Sunday

Album Credits

Recorded by: Krishna Das Bosch & Prahlad Nrsingha
Mixed & mastered by: Krishna Das Bosch
Artwork: Hladini Radha, Sita, Manu

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Digital downloads, MP3 CD

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