Radhadesh Mellows 2019

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The best kirtans of the RM19. Over 20 hours of Maha Mantra chanting with some of the most expert Kirtan leaders out there

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Radhadesh Mellows 2019: A total of 20 tracks for over 20 hours of some of the most wonderful kirtans that took place during Radhadesh Mellows 2019. In fact, it took us one and a half year to produce, and we are excited to make this content available to all. Nothing less than the official 11th RM album reuniting a stellar lineup of some of our most empowered kirtan leaders. Enjoy!

Sample Track

Track List

  1. Narada Muni Bajay Vina (Badahari Prabhu ) 21:10
  2. Badahari Prabhu I 38:08
  3. Sacinandana Swami I 58:13
  4. Tulasi I 55:31
  5. Thakura 46:41
  6. Mukunda 41:57
  7. Shyam 48:16
  8. Vani 41:54
  9. Amala Harinama I 54:07
  10. Badahari Prabhu II 59:34
  11. Madhava I 1:54:09
  12. Madhvi 47:06
  13. Gour Krsna 45:04
  14. Acyuta Gopi 1:40:02
  15. Ananta Govinda 43:26
  16. Badahari Prabhu III 1:26:19
  17. Madhava II 3:03:21
  18. Tulasi II 34:37
  19. Sacinandana Swami II 32:10
  20. Amala Harinama II 1:42:20


Album Credits

Recorded by: Seb, Raktambara & Nama Sankirtan

Mixed & mastered by: Krishna Das Bosch

Artwork: Nakula & Chandra

In January of 2019 over 1300 people gathered together for a vintage 3 day long Radhadesh Mellows kirtan festival. Although much of the in room experience and youtube broadcast was managed very well, the team faced big difficulties. Indeed some dysfunctional cables were noticed too late resulting in the loss of nearly half the usual amount of recorded kirtans. Despite this, over 20 hours of some of the most memorable kirtans remained and were mixed with much endeavour.
Once again a big thank you to all the personalities here above for their unequalled endeavours and making sure many thousands in the world get a spiritual experience by the medium of this incredible Radhadesh Mellows 2019 Album. Make sure to get it and to share the news with friends about the power of the now available Kirtan Album. You will not regret it, of this we are sure 🙂

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