FREE ONLINE REGISTRATION FOR RM21 Opens in December 27th 2021 at earliest

The next festival might not take place before January 2022, but we are busy fundraising for the event as we need to collect over 42.000€ to ensure we cover all the costs that come up from putting together this wonderful free festival.

We thank you in advance for your support. Remember: every euro makes a difference for the RM!

Hare Krsna, Manu

Please read before filling in the form

Upon arriving in Radhadesh for the festival, devotees having filled the form are required to go to the appointed area to collect their free prasadam bracelet. Again, prasadam will only be served to those with a free prasadam bracelet; others WILL be asked to register on spot and to contribute financially by giving a donation

Appointed areas: Thursday Day in the Temple Hall entrance and All Other Days In front of the Prasadam line. Hoping to see you all with hungry stomachs in January,

IMPORTANT: Meals before/after the mention ones are not part of the festival and the Temple reserves the right to charge for them