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Help Raise Over €50,000 for Radhadesh Mellows 2023

Dear Kirtan adepts

I would like to thank from the depth of my heart all the many devotees that contributed to the 2022 Online event. For the Fourth time ever we managed to fund the full festival just by the donations from the devotees around the world. In fact, Krsna so kindly arranged that we finished once more with a positive figure which will be used as base for next year’s event. Our vision and desire for 2023 is to continue to have the entire festival sponsored (prasadam and all costs for organising the festival) as the 2010–2022 Mellows were concluded in a positive way.

As always we depend on the generosity of all of you supporting our festival to make this happen. Even a euro makes a difference… So please donate for a unique and memorable festival in 2023 (I don’t know how its becoming possible as the festivals are already so ecstatic)!

All extra donations after all costs are covered will go towards RM24

Thank you so much in advance,

your servant,

Our Donations So Far!

  • You?
  • Mehul & Dyani (03/12): 250€
  • Zoltan (02/12): 34€
  • Visakha & Mira (02/12): 108€
  • Kalindi H (01/12): 33€
  • Rohan G (30/11): 10€
  • Rohan G (29/11): 10€
  • Madhupati Das (27/11): 100€
  • Anonymous (19/11): 10€
  • Rohan G (18/11): 10€
  • Acyutananda Das (16/11): 25€
  • Aura G (16/11): 32€
  • Ramesh (16/11): 50€
  • N Hegde (15/11): 108€
  • Tattva Darsana Das (04/11): 25€
Monthly Donors:
  • Maitreya Muni Das: 16€ (Since March 2021)
  • Thierry: 10,8€ (Since May 2021)
  • Ross: 20€ (Since January 2022)
  • André: 11€ (Since January 2022)
  • Sabrine: 10€ (Since June 2022)
  • Eva: 7€ (Since July 2022)
  • You?
Radhadesh Mellows 2023 Funding
Please support us and have your name on our Donors List


Big or small, every donation you make goes towards making the Radhadesh Mellows a forever free festival, so we can focus better on serving you!


Proceeds of all the CD’s, digital albums and merchandise are the primary source of income for the festival! Please support us!

Breakdown of Expenses

  • Sound System & recording gear: 6.000€
  • Youtube cameras & equipment: 6.000€
  • New Instruments and maintenance: 1000€
  • RM Crew travel costs (also includes, recordings, and mixing crew): 9.000€
  • Special Guest maintenance (lodging, prasadam, etc): 5000€
  • 10k+ Free Meals (Bhoga, Plates, Heating, Kitchen Equipment, etc): 20.000€
  • Miscellaneous: 3000€

Total: €50,000

If you would like to make a donation by ways of a bank transfer, our information can be found below. 

Bank name: AXA
Account name: Radhadesh Mellows
IBAN: BE53 7512 1123 8253

A bank transfer is preferred as we can avoid the heavy fees that PayPal charges. You can used a variety of online transferring sites such as Transferwise or feel free to go directly through your bank.