Required funds for Radhadesh Mellows 2018:

  • Bhoga costs for 12×800 meals: 6000€
  • Kitchen expenses (gaz, electricity, utensils, bhoga transportation etc.): 1000€
  • Heating for the tent during the festival: 700€
  • First class biodegradable plates, cups, bowls & spoons (10.000 pieces): 2500€
  • New Instruments and maintenance: 1000€
  • VIP travel costs (which also includes, recordings, Kitchen and mixing crew): 8000€
  • Sound System: 2000€
  • Festival bracelets: 700€
  • Shuttle Service: 400€
  • Special Guest maintenance (lodging, prasadam, etc): 700€
  • Cost for Producing CD: 6000€
  • Miscellaneous: 1000€

Average of ± 30.000€

Donors for Radhadesh Mellows 2018:

  • Saradiya (11/02): 20€
  • Anonymous Donor (13/02): 41€
  • Anonymous Donor (13/02): 12€
  • Michael Brasseur (02/03): 20€
  • Rijal (13/03): 5€
  • Gulan Music (25/03): 20€
  • Jaya Govinda (22/05): 50€
  • Rijal (06/06): 10€
  • Abigail, Davide & Sunayana (13/06): 50€
  • Sue (16/06): 100€
  • Izabela (20/06): 30€
  • Nalisha (26/07): 108€
  • Balarama Nityananda (05/08): 108€
  • Lakshmi Jaiswal (09/08): 50€
  • Jamie Quigley (10/08): 336€

Total: 958€ (10/08)

Support the festival!

Proceeds of all the merchandise are the primary source of income for the festival! Please support us!


Support Radhadesh Mellows!


HELP RAISE 30.000€ for January 2018

Dear vaisnavas,

I would like to thank from the depth of my heart all the many devotees that contributed to the 2017 event. We managed to collect just over 13.000€ which tremendously helped the festival. The remaining 17.000€ was just about collected through the sales of CDS, shirts and with the temple’s kind support. In fact, Krsna so kindly arranged that we finished once more with a positive figure, this time of around 500€, which will be used as base for the next year’s event. My vision and desire for 2018 is to continue to have the majority of the festival sponsored (prasadam and all costs for organising the festival) as the 2012–2017 Mellows were concluded in a positive way.

By rough estimation this would mean that we would require to collect over 6000€ for prasadam bhoga so that devotees can eat for free, 700€ for the heating of the tent, + 2500€ for 10.000 first class biodegradable plates,cups, bowls and spoons. In fact and while we are at it; between the sound system, the album production, staff and special guests travel costs etc… We have an additional +20.000€ that are required to cover the full organisational costs of the free Radhadesh Mellows festival. More details are provided below.

As always we depend on the generosity of all of you supporting our festival to make this happen. Even a euro makes a difference… So please donate for an even better and more memorable festival in 2018 (I don’t know how its becoming possible as the festivals are already so ecstatic)! You can do so by Paypal or by personal arrangement with Manu (contact me), or by donating directly to our festival account:

Bank name: Belfius Bank
account name: Radhadesh Mellows
IBAN: BE81068893515224
Swift code: GKCCBEBB
Bank adress: Belfius Banque SA, Boulevard Pachéco 44 – 1000 Bruxelles

Thank you so much in advance,

your servant, Manu