(Registrations OPEN in DECEMBER 2017)


Since the numbers of participants are growing and that we are having more and more difficulty to arrange transportation every year, we ask as much as possible for devotees to travel together by their own vehicles. Those coming from very far and flying into Charleroi & Brussels are requested to travel further by train into the nearest station to Radhadesh: Marloie (or Barvaux if you are coming from Liege).
You will alleviate our work by allowing us to pick you up from either of these train stations; facilitating transportation to the festival site for each & every of the many hundreds of eager devotees travelling through public transportation. Click here for the Belgian Railway

We urge devotees who are arriving together or at similar timings at the airport, and who would prefer to take a taxi instead of the train, to look into prearranged taxi options. Click here for Brussels taxis and Click here for Charleroi taxis or Click here for a third option for both airports. Prices are very reasonable if you are 5 or more.

If you have any questions related to commuting to Radhadesh please visit

If you still have a question or a more specific inquiry having filled the form, please email Sanjay Prabhu the coordinator of transportation for 2018:

Hare Krsna!